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Cloud9Knitwear is a boutique operation producing limited capsule collections. When buying products from us you are purchasing exclusivity as we produce a maximum of 50 garments per style. The production process is both cutting edge and traditional. It is this combination that allows us to produce such stylish and unique garments.

We use digital technology as well as traditional metoths to construct the garment. Our approach to knitting is three-dimensional whereby we treat the knitwear like an organic structure. Stitch by stitch specific shapes are created to wrap a woman’s body in a new original and complimentary way. All the garments are fully fashioned which means that the construction does not involve any cutting or sowing. Fully-fashioned garments allow us to create unique shapes with finished edges which also has the added benefit of eliminating unnecessary wastage of yarns.

The difficulty in using this method is that the development of each style takes longer, involves highly specialised professionals and much out of the box thinking. The fully fashioned pieces are programmed using digital software called M1 Plus which was developed by Germany’s leading knitting machine producer Stoll GmBH.

The other difficulty is the new approach to construction of the garments. By producing creative alternative shapes we have done away with the standard method of constructing garments. We no longer produce a separate front, back and sleeves which has opened the door for us to create a whole new range of designs and silhouettes.
We see the knitwear as a sculpture. We aim to eliminate any visual evidence of the construction process. By way of example, if the seams can be avoided they are and if we need seams they become decorative details of the garment itself.

Knitwear is a magnificence process with boundless potential provided you can overcome the technical limitation. Digital technology and hi-tech machines take the process so far. It is at this stage that we must return to the traditional skill and craft of knitwear. The process involves matching, pinning and twisting all the pieces to transform them to full garments. This is followed by linking them together on a roll of needles that requires quite a lot of skill and patience. This is the most costly aspect of the production process both in terms of time and money. However at Cloud9Knitwear we embrace this part of the process as it guarantees the finest finish.
You may be surprised that some of the garments before the transformation do not look anything like clothes.

For example the Long Spiral Coat when we take it off the machine is a nine metre long piece.

On the other hand some of the construction of the accessories cannot be achieved by industrial machines and they have to be grown row by row by more traditional methods ie my fair hands. The domestic machine which is hand driven and controlled maybe much slower but is also a more versatile method of knitting. The domestic machine allows one to go to certain extremes and significant irregularities in the stitches which allows me to produce more three-dimensional and organic structures as can be seen in the Cumulonimbus Scarf.

Every garment is completed with a loving hand finish before being personally inspected and approved by the Cloud9Knitwear’s head designer. A hand finish provides the final necessary touch to ensure the very best quality. You see a human hand can go where machine cannot cope, can do invisible stitch, cover all loose ends and during all of that make sure that all the final effect looks perfect.