Social Responsibility

Cloud9Knitwear utilises the newest technology to effectively eliminate waste. This ensures our use of natural resources is kept to a minimum and also helps us keep our costs down. Where possible we pass these savings onto our customers in full.
We do not use and will never use sweatshops.

Local manufacturing also allows us to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. The entire manufacturing process is carried out within the EU by highly skilled professionals to support local trade and craftsmanship. Local manufacturing ensures the highest quality of work which can be translated to an efficient and controlled production of stock. Where possible we purchase our stock and raw materials locally to help in our little way the local community.

All my yarns are natural and biodegradable. Even though the garments are durable and have timeless designs that will stay in your wardrobe for more than one season, if you do decide to part with them the environment will not suffer.

Being a new designer myself I try to network and hire new professionals and students from creative businesses to support and develop each other’s skills and experience. We cooperate with many small businesses and young professionals and have set out links below to their websites.